How to install Laravel Telescope on a dedicated database

Pre-installation One of the dependencies that telescope requires is “moontoast/math” which in fact requires a php extension called “bcmath”: // "moontoast/math" - "composer.json" "require": { "php": ">=5.3.3", "ext-bcmath": "*" }, This php extension is easily installable on Ubuntu by just running: sudo apt install php-bcmath Once you have that extension installed, you are ready to require via composer the Telescope package by running in your project’s root: composer require laravel/telescope --dev

Css Exclusions

Source: CSS exclusions with Queen Bey - Chen Huijing Let’s introduce: Exclusions. This is a new feature coming up to the CSS of the future. And I say that because currently this feature is only supported in two browsers: IE and Edge 😮 and there is a working draft spec. Now, what does this new feature do? Well, do you remember floats? Perfect, because exclusions are somewhat floats but behave differently.

Scroll Snap Property

Introduction Popular products that require a a well-controlled scroll system make use of Javascript to divide the sections of the scrollable content in order to display it always in the viewport. What these products try to achieve is a paging experience. Because it is more appealing to a user to scroll like pages rather than controlling by itself the scroll. So what this means after all is: is better to make sections that list items with a controlled scroll than letting the user to scroll it.

Firefox 63 New Features

So, here is a new version of one of the most beloved browser in the scene right now. Since the release of Firefox Quantum, Firefox has seen some growth in their user base, and that’s not only why people has switched to the Fox browser, there seems to be a trend on getting away from Google Services and try to give some power to other companies in order to improve the balance of market share.

Vue Next Version 3

Vue’s next version (3.0) changes and features As the time goes on, all major browsers have adopted ES2015 and a lot features that Vue tries to solve are already solved in this language version, so Vue will get rid of this features and leverage on those implemented in the language itself in order to make the core of the framework smaller, faster and more powerful. High-level API changes Regarding the API of the framework everything is gonna be untouched except for render functions and scoped-slots which will probably change their syntax.

Kubernetes Introduction

What is Kubernetes? A system for managing containerized applications across multiple hosts, providing basic mechanisms for deployment, maintenance, and scaling of applications. Some examples of the possibilities of Kubernetes are: - Automation of deployment and replication of containers. - Scaling in or out containers on the fly. - Group containers and provide load balancing between them. - Simplicity on rolling out new versions of application containers on production, without downtime.

Color contrast aware using Machine Learning

In the past year or so people in tech have experienced an increment in the appearance rate of the following concepts: machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, convolutional network, training, dataset, neural networks, etc… In this article I’m going to cover some of this concepts before getting our hands dirt. Disclaimer: i’m not an expert of this field. I’ve just got into this by myself and I could be wrong.

How to unmask hidden files on USB drives on Windows

Suddenly, a few days ago, someone asked me for my flash drive and he was acquaintance of me so I gracefully handed it, furthermore it seemed that he was in a rush so I didn’t carefully thought about it. Half an hour past that event I asked him for the usb because I noticed he wasn’t using it anymore. I took the usb and inserted onto a machine (not my personal one, thankfully) and weirdly all of the files on the drive had the appearance of a shortcut icon.

Firefox Fullscreen Transition (Fade) & The Warning

TL;DR Go to about:config, look for these settings and change their values. To remove the fullscreen fading: full-screen-api.transition-duration.enter => 0 0 full-screen-api.transition-duration.leave => 0 0 full-screen-api.transition.timeout => 0 To remove the fullscreen warning: - full-screen-api.warning.timeout => 0 Did you ever notice how long does a video go fullscreen on Firefox? I mean, you double click it, the screen goes black, and a second-ish later the video actually appears.

How to autoplay videos on Firefox

It’s been a couple of weeks since I switched to Firefox because I want to support The Open Internet and Mozilla says it’s an ethical browser. Even though, being ethical or not, I don’t agree with the idea of Google controlling every corner of the web. So after switching I noticed something that really itched me instantly: opening autoplayed videos pages in new tab doesn’t autoplay. In Chrome autplay videos do not auplay until the tab is in foreground or active.

How to mass unfollow on Twitter

Hello people, I am realising that the most effortless way for me to think on blog topics is to talk about relatively recent problems that I’ve had to solve. So that’s what I’m gonna do today, well not today actually, because I write this articles in a course of days and not in a single day. After this brief introductory paragraph about my thoughts I’m gonna start to relate how did I solve the problem stated in the title.

Sending emails through SMTP with PHP

Hi, this is my first blog post, and I am going to describe the process (that I recently had to take) to send emails with PHP and using a SMTP server. First of all what we need is a SMTP Server that we can get freely in Gmail or other Free Mail Services such as Zoho. Once signed up you need to know the server settings and credentials, usually the smtp server is a subdomain of said service so for example in Gmail the smtp would be: smtp.